Anke Humpert


Anke Humpert is a true mixed media artist, some have even described her as a Renaissance person! Since early childhood, she has been working with any medium that she lays her hands on. In her teaching she offers to help her students to find their own voices. She offers her unique projects, but encourages everyone to try out their own ideas! Her passion as a teacher is to enable her students (of all age groups) to become more confident in using their own voices.

Anke´s work is very intuitive and multi layered. Her interests are especially in working with polymer clay, paper arts, painting, stamping, art journalling and bookbinding. She likes to incorporate used and found objects in her art. She prefers do use her own made tools and likes to go into depth with her techniques. She also like quirky things and you can often find little funny twists in whatever she does.

Anke is a fully qualified architect, who studied at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin, Germany. Her training was very free and encouraged her to find her own path. She has written several books about polymer clay and stamping in German, been published in various international magazines and on-line, has been in German TV with her polymer clay work and teaches workshops nationally and internationally (including in Germany, the U.S.A., England, Austria and Serbia). She is teaching in German and fluent English. Since 2010 she also teaches on-line classes, that have opened up a new worldwide audience to her teachings. As a trained public speaker and leader she loves to work with groups. She has worked together with a number of fellow artists on various collaborative projects. Her work is currently presented in a well known U.S. polymer clay gallery in Buford, Atlanta.