Delphine Vignoble

I’ve been creating polymer clay jewellery for 15 years.

At first it was just a hobby, but for the last 5 years it is my main activity.

It is in my small workshop in the countryside, in Belgium, where I develop and experiment with my models and techniques.

I am completely self-taught.

I especially like imitations of natural materials (wood, stone, leather, fabric,).

My style is quite minimalist and refined.

I like modern jewellery.

I give a lot of importance to the finish, as well as to the small details.

I work exclusively with the Belgian brand Cernit.

My sources of inspiration are nature, for textures, and decoration, for shapes and colours.

My passion for working with polymer clay has led me to pass on my knowledge in courses and events specialized in polymer clay in Belgium, France and other European countries (Polymer Week, JAFA…) or in specialized magazines or books (A new generation of Polymer clay, Polymer Week magazine, Polymer and Co…)

Polymer clay is an incredible medium that allows you to experience an infinite number of creative possibilities. It never ceases to amaze me.

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