As part of the optional activities of Polimeralia 2018 there will be a contest of works in polymer clay for all the students. The rules for this contest are detailed below.

Contest will be open to all students enrolled in the current edition of Polimeralia who can submit a maximum of two original works (made by the student), unpublished by any other means (news, magazines, facebook, flickr, pinterest, instagram…), not awaerded in any other competition and mainly made with polymer clay.

All the works can be designed freely but it shoud use a split complementary color harmony. You can find a color wheel in downloads section in Ana Belchí’s website with the harmony description. Download here

Pieces must be registered sending an email to before July 10th, 2018 where the following data must be completed:

  1. e-mail used to register at Polimeralia
  2. A title the work
  3. A short description with a reference to the inspiration. This description must include no less than 50 words and no more than 150.
  4. An squared picture with a size between 600x600px and 1200x1200px. The pictures should not be marked or watermarked with any sign that identify its authorship. Once the prizes have been awarded, the author’s name will be included in the gallery of pieces that will be kept on the event’s website.

Works that include any mark or sign that identifies its author will not be accepted.

The opening of the registration in the contest will be held on June 15th, 2018.

The pieces will be presented during the event anonymously in a sealed envelope that will contain the contestant piece. That envelope must show on the outside the number of participation assigned during the registration process.

The pieces will be given to the organization before 14:00 on Saturday, August 4th.

The pieces will be displayed on the web and in the event hall during Sunday and they will be returned to its authors after the contest results on Monday, August 1st.

The decision of the contest will be made by popular voting made by all the students enrolled in this edition of Polimeralia, who will vote through the gallery of pieces in the website of the event at Only one vote per student will be accepted, although the vote will be anonymous.

Each piece will be scored from 1 to 5.

The jury will be composed of the three teachers, who will only vote in case of a tie, and their decision will be final and not subject to appeal.

The piece with highest score will be the winner of the first prize and will be considered the absolute winner. Following the established order, several prizes will be awarded and will be announced in the presentation of the contest before vote opening. In case of a tie (by score), the number of FIVES received in the scores will be taken into account. If at this point the tie continues, the voting of the teachers would determine the winning piece. No piece will win more than one prize.

The fact of participating in the contest implies the full acceptance of these rules.

Good luck to all participants!