The registration to Polimeralia 6th Special Online Edition will be done as the only way possible from the form published in the official website and gives access to one of the places available to attend the event on the 8th and 9th of August 2020 in webinar format.

Payment conditions

Due to the change of format we have been forced to make, the full amount will be paid in one payment for the full amount at the time of registration, which will not be valid until the payment is confirmed.

All payments will be made by bank transfer to the The account will be sent to those registered within 24 hours of receipt of the form of registration. Participants must send proof of payment by mail within 72 hours of confirmation of registration by the organization.

Cancellation and return

There is no provision for reimbursement of the online event registration fee in the event of voluntary cancellation by attendees.

Assignment of places

Places will be allocated in strict order of registration, on receipt of the form registration of the website and will be confirmed upon receipt of the corresponding proof of payment or transfer. Entries are nominal and non-transferable, it is that is to say, only the registered person can attend the event, who cannot give up and/or sell his square.

In case of non-receipt of proof of payment or transfer, the organization will cancel the registration.

Recording of the event

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Regulation (EU) 2016/679 to guarantee the privacy of the attendees and the quality of the courses, during the event not video and/or audio recording of the courses will be allowed, as images or audio of the attendees could be shown in response to questions or doubts that may arise during the workshops. In order for the attendees to have the video recordings of the courses, an edited recording of them by the teachers will be made available to them, as well as a guide to the workshops in PDF format.

The dissemination of the recordings, techniques or files of the workshops by any means without the explicit permission of the teachers is strictly forbidden and is the sole responsibility of the person who made the dissemination.

In particular and in reference to the processes of the courses given, the public diffusion of the is totally prohibited**, and the organization is not responsible for the observation of these rules. That is, no photography, no photo collection, no video, text or audio that shows the process of creating the pieces or techniques taught in the courses can be publicly disseminated by any means, including digital ones (blogs, websites, social networks, books, magazines…).

Failure to comply with the rules of privacy and dissemination may result in expulsion from the event without the right to a refund of the registration fee or compensation of any kind and may result in legal action against the offender.

Occasionally, the organization may make recordings or take photographs of the event in order to internal use or for advertising of the event itself.

As this is an online event, registration gives access to the courses to one and only one individual, without the possibility of attending the courses in a group by means of a single registration. In other words, in the case of viewing the workshops as a group, each and every person must have registered for the event.

Technical means and internet connection

As it is an event that is broadcast over the Internet, it is necessary to have the necessary means to make a connection to the broadcasting platform selected by the organization for the broadcast. The technical requirements will be those that appear in the terms of the service provider, with Polimeralia not providing the accuracy or specific support at the technical level required for the use of the platform.

Polimeralia shall not be liable for connection losses, reduced quality or any other setbacks attributable to the user’s connection or technical problems arising from the service provider.

Polimeralia shall not provide tools, material, software or hardware to carry out the workshops.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

The payment of the registration formalizes the reservation and implies the acceptance of these conditions.