As part of the optional activities of Polimeralia 2020, a competition of polymer clay creations will be held for the attending students. The following are the rules for this competition.

All students registered for this year may participate in the Polimeralia 2020 polymer clay creations contest, by submitting a maximum of two original pieces (made by the student), unpublished (not published by any means: press, facebook, flickr, pinterest, instagram…), not previously awarded in any other competition and made mainly with polymer clay.

The pieces will be of free theme, but they will have to present texture in, at least, half of its surface. By texture, we mean the physical and the visual textures.

To participate in the competition, it will be necessary to register the pieces between 15/06/2020 and 05/07/2020 (both days included - Spanish time) by sending an e-mail to where the following data must be filled in:

  1. Email address used for registration to Polimeralia
  2. Title of the piece
  3. Brief description of the piece where a reference to the inspiration used to make the piece will need to be included. The description should be between 50 and 150 words.
  4. Square photograph of the piece in a minimum size of 600x600 and maximum size of 1200x1200. The photographs should not be marked with any sign that would allow the identification of the author. Once the prizes have been awarded, the name of the author will be included in the gallery of pieces presented, which will be kept on the event’s website.

Pieces that include a mark that allows the identification of the author will not be accepted and/or disqualified.

The pieces will be presented during the event anonymously in a closed envelope containing the competing piece. This envelope must show the contestant number assigned during the registration process.

The pieces will need to be delivered to the organization before 14:00h on Saturday, August 8th.

The pieces will remain on display on the website and in the event room all Sunday and will be returned to the authors after the competition votes on Monday 10th August.

The decision of the contest will be made by popular vote of all the students registered in this edition of Polimeralia who will vote through the exhibition of pieces in the event’s website Only one vote per person will be accepted, although the vote will be anonymous.

Each piece will be marked from 1 to 5.

The jury will be made up of the three teachers, who will only vote in the event of a tie, and their decision will be final.

The piece with the highest score will be the winner of the first prize and will be considered the absolute winner. Following the established order, several more prizes will be awarded and will be announced at the presentation of the competition before the voting. In case of a tie (by score) the number of FIVE score votes received in the voting will be taken into account. If at this point the tie continues, the teachers’ vote will determine the winning piece. No piece will be eligible for more than one prize.

The fact of participating in the competition implies the full acceptance of these rules.

Good luck to all participants!