As an extra activity we propose you to make a swap, of voluntary participation.

We will make a classic swap one by one, that is, if you want to participate in the swap you will have to make a piece for each of the participants in the swap. One by one you will be able to swap a piece of your own for a piece of another participant.

For example, suppose there are 45 people participating in the swap. What does this mean? That you will have to make 45 pieces (more or less the same, although we leave it up to you).

On the first day of the event, before starting the workshop, you will be able to swap a piece with each of the other 44 participants (yes, we thought you would want to make one for yourself). You will receive 44 different pieces as souvenirs from each of the participants and will give one of your own to each of them in return.

Although the pieces are free, we want to put a minimum of limitations, conditions or rules (as you want to call them). They are these:

  • Participation in the swap is voluntary
  • The teachers and organization will be able to participate under the same conditions as the rest of the participants. But let's not fool ourselves, they don't always have time to do the pieces.
  • The size of the piece will be limited to three centimetres (approximately, we promise not to take out a ruler to measure it)
  • The piece can have volume, but at least one of the sides must be flat, so it would be possible to make a mosaic with all the pieces exchanged.
  • The theme of the piece is free
  • The shape of the piece is also totally free.
  • No assembly required, but not limited

And of course, the main objective when making the pieces of the swap is to enjoy the process by working with one of your favorite materials: polymer clay and, by the way, to have a memory of all the participants.

For any doubt or clarification, you need, just contact us.

We encourage you all to participate.