190/per student
Unique price
  • Participation in the two workshops
  • PDF file to follow along the workshops so you don't need to take notes
  • Video of each workshop with all the questions and awnsers recording during live sessions
  • Access to the Facebook groups where the high quality edited videos of the workshops will be hosted.

Material and Tools

As it is an on-line edition, all the tools and materials necessary to carry out the courses are the responsibility of the participants. The tools and material list will be available here on the website, well in advance.

Obviously, they are only necessary to follow the course step by step in parallel with the teachers during the live sessions.

Technical resources

Under no circumstances will POLIMERALIA provide Internet access, software or hardware required to connect to the course sessions, i.e. students will connect to the courses by their own computer means to a third party platform external to POLIMERALIA for webinar broadcasting selected for this edition.

The requirements for this connection will be those specified by the provider in the official information of the service.

Notes about workshops dynamics

You can read all the dynamics about how the on-line classes will be developed on the page explaining the dynamics of the POLIMERALIA On-line classes.

¿How workshops wil be?