Thinking especially at the time of the opening of the registrations, here you have the process that we will continue to manage the registration applications we receive.

As you know, the registration in Polimeralia 2017 can only be made through the website at The form contains all the necessary fields to manage your registration and it is necessary that you fill out all of them. Please, check that the first and last names, the e-mail address and the telephone number are correct, especially in case we need to contact you for any question.

Process description

At 10:00 p.m. (local time) on March 15th, 2017, the registration form will be enabled in the website and it will be accessible directly from the homepage of the website or (a few seconds later) from the registration button on Facebook.

The registration process consists of two steps:

In the first step you must write only your email address.

In the second step you must fill the rest of the necessary data for the registration. You must fill in all the fields, accepting the terms and conditions, which you must read before.

If you are already registered as users on the web with that email address (all attendees at Polimeralia 2016 are), all fields with the information available in our database will be fill out and you should only check that they are correct. If you want you can create a user before the registration process (yes, you can doit now, it’s free) so you will not need to fill out all the form later. The only fields to fill out then will be the type of accomodation, any extra annotation and accept the terms and conditions.

When you click on the Register in the event button, if everything is correct, you will see all the information you wrote with a green legend at the top that confirms the reception of your request. The request will follow two paths, on the one hand will be stored in a database by order of arrival with a timestamp and, in addition, it will send an email with the data to our address and a copy to your own e-mail.

As the requests arrive, we will review the data and send you a confirmation email where you can read the amount of the first payment and the bank account number to make the transfer.

This confirmation email may take a long time, since we process them manually one by one by reviewing the data. From the experience of other years, it would not be uncommon for it to take between 30 and 40 minutes.

In the following days, it usually takes some more time, depending on the exact time at which we receive the request, and can be delayed up to 24 hours.

Once you receive the confirmation email, when you will make the transfer, it is important that you annotate in the concept your name, especially if the person who makes the transfer is not you.

The next step, after making the transfer, is to send us the receipt by email in response to the message confirming the registration. This document along with the transfer is the one that formalizes the reservation of your seat.

Some extra notes

In cases where you use electronic banking, the bank usually issues a PDF document directly or even allows you to indicate an email address to notify the transfer. Either option is valid.

See you this summer at POLIMERALIA 2017!