The workshops

Noelia proposes the creation of this spectacular brooch, combining in an unusual way a rich number of different pieces as in ancient centones. A very funny design made from small colorful patchwork.

In this workshop we will learn to work with canes and to create layers with geometric patterns that we will use to make parts assembe a brooch or a pendant. We will work with curved volumes playing with different heights and widths of the pieces to create, this way, a funny set.


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Noelia Contreras Martín

Noelia Contreras has been immersed in the world of polymer clay for more than ten years. Time in which she …

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Equality and difference, logic and emotion, simplicity and complexity, depth and surface, organic and structured … antagonistic concepts that define a form of beauty: the union of opposites. The organic design expresses its full power when sensual and emotional vocabulary appeals directly to the innate sense of natural beauty. The structured design enhances stability and symmetry providing calm of stability where everything fits.

In the workshop you will learn to create optical illusions in three dimensions, imitation of organic materials, to use cutters created by yourself and carry out the assembly you see in the picture.


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Ana Belchí

I eat alphabetical alphabet soup. I teach how to work the polymer clay and resin. I make stuff and I …

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Inspired by a picture of a necklace by Dayle Doroshow and Sarah Shriver, this project is all about modeling and texturing clay with any tool we have. Students will work with only pearl or white clay and the colors will be given with alcohol inks highlighting all the details.

Project for one day is this seed necklace. We will work on a central hollow piece made from a polymer clay mold and see how to use repel gel. We will also make all the other beads on the necklace and finally assemble with buna cord. The final touch will be adding the weird threads at the bottom of the seed.


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Sylvie Peraud

Making jewelry has been part of Sylvie’s hobbies since childhood. Beads when she was young, melted recycled plastics later and …

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