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Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth and occurs in multiple forms and colors: chalcedony, agate, amethyst, aventurine, carnelian, citrine, Herkimer diamonds, Jasper, Onyx, birthstone, the eye of the tiger…

Present in all cultures since the beginning of time Pliny tried to explain the origin of transparent quartz, saying that water was crystallized by low temperature of the snow-capped peaks that could not return to its original state. In ancient eastern cultures, quartz has been used to provide balance and cleanliness, and it’s been said that if it’s placed in the west encourages creativity.

573 degrees Celsius is the temperature at which the quartz crystal structure changes from alpha to beta, also changing its properties.

This new Ana Belchí’s collection, entirely handmade, uses imitating quartz stones of different colors made with polymer clay as main theme.

The courtship between brass and clay melts the two lovers in a warm embrace that marks the final point of the coldness that both presented separately. Classical and contemporary jewelry come together again in this elegant and minimalist series.

The study of color is present throughout several ways of controlling the light and dark in color (brightness), applied in mixing colors process.

Conceived as a project from beginning to end, this workshop includes different techniques and concepts in the process of creating this ring you can apply to your future creations:

  • Modeling by hand without molds
  • Wire types: materials, thicknesses and their application according to technics and works
  • Braided
  • Finishing touch: grinding and polishing
  • Glues and adhesives

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Ana Belchí

I eat alphabetical alphabet soup. I teach how to work the polymer clay and resin. I make stuff and I …

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The idea of this project was to create a bracelet with a system that allows to change their accessories whenever we want without also remain loose and could fall. The result is a custom bracelet that can adapt to all situations.

It is a very complete project in terms of technical terms, giving different uses to the extruder, working with murrine, applying textures, sanding surfaces, polishing finishes, etc. A comprehensive compendium of techniques to learn if you don’t know them or refine them if you do.

The piece has a predominant color that gives character and personality, enhanced by lines of another color that brings a touch of strength. The black and white help us standardize the set, giving the point of elegance.

But the most interesting aspect of the project is to create a piece that, although it is finished, always will be open to continue working on it. The power to create various accessories to exchange gives us endless combinations for endless situations, so it will be a piece of which we never be tired.


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Noelia Contreras Martín

Noelia Contreras has been immersed in the world of polymer clay for more than ten years. Time in which she …

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Feather flowers is an art form where artificial flowers are created using feathers. The feathers, which come from different birds, are dyed, cut and shaped to look like flowers. Some artists are able to create very realistic looking flowers and leaves using feathers. Feather Flower, which is «Nahuatl» in Aztec, is another name for the Aztec God of beauty, sexual love, and household arts who is called «Xochiquetzal».

This one-day workshop Céline will teach you how to construct a Feather flower with polymer clay.

You will learn a specific type of controled Mokume Gane which would help you create nuances of subtle colours and bring a luminosity to your creations. This is a playful technique that leads to surprising results. This technic is associated with wire working that bring a lightness and volume to your creations.

There’s simplicity in its lines and patterns but it brings a kind od rich sofistication with its organic forms and colors.


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Celine Charuau

I have been drawing, painting, sculpting and creating all kinds of things with my hands from the time I was …

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Extra activities

All you need is love contest 22 participants

For assistants only, the pieces, made mainly with polymer clay as a base material, must be inspired in the song All you need is love by The Beatles.

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