The workshops

This project is an expedition away from the comfort zone in search of another perspective, of a different angle from which to see own work

We will design pieces that are more than they appear, working with moving parts without neglecting the good finish, which is what defines me

We will talk about perspective and depth in 2D elements, putting it into practice in our creation.


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Noelia Contreras Martín

Noelia Contreras has been immersed in the world of polymer clay for more than ten years. Time in which she …

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#onmytabletoday represents what was and what is yet to come, past and future together hand in hand. A draft yearlong embodied in a single piece.

Each and every one of the elements and details of this piece reflects a moment, idea, process … of all lived during these 356 days. Over 2600 hours of work come to life in it: the number of elements, geometry, composition, size, color, veneer…

In this workshop we’ll travel by the secrets behind the conceptual design. We’ll know how to make different veneers that will make each something intimate and personal.


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Ana Belchí

I eat alphabetical alphabet soup. I teach how to work the polymer clay and resin. I make stuff and I …

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Joe Patouille

My name is Joe. I am a 33 year old mother living in the north of France. I discovered the …

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Extra activities

Starting point by Marta Hugas

We will use white clay as a canvas on which we will draw patterns with inks. These patterns will be the starting point with which we can create different pieces, according to the creativity of each one.

Claygamy by Ana J. Berdonces

Something very striking about polymer clay is its ability to adapt to techniques from other materials … this time we will use the clay as paper, and we will play to make origami figures with it.

New York contest 23 participants

For assistants only, the pieces, made mainly with polymer clay as a base material, must be inspired in the city of New York.

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