The workshops

Who has not been hypnotized by looking at the lines drawn in the sand? The continuous movement of the sea, the capricious drawings, the random forms that make our imagination fly.

Who has not spent an afternoon sitting on the sand leaving their footprint on the seashore?

This summer in Polimeralia we are going to sit near the sea and draw lines in the clay. With a new method we will be able to design as many reasons as we want.

We will create a tubular piece and play with various assemblies and compositions.


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Ana Belchí

I eat alphabetical alphabet soup. I teach how to work the polymer clay and resin. I make stuff and I …

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As it happens in the oneiric world, we will make distorsion of concepts and shapes become real, tangible. We will learn to build double-frame light pieces with inner layers as if they were distorted windows to our dreams. But we will not only focus on building structures, we will work also on fine endings and on when to use smooth or textured surfaces.

All those technics and tips will let you build many kind of pieces you could imagine. The final assembly could be done from only two pieces, so we will be able to make our creation grow to exploit all the time of the class.


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Noelia Contreras Martín

Noelia Contreras has been immersed in the world of polymer clay for more than ten years. Time in which she …

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In Anke’s workshop, you will see polymer clay being used in a new and original way. Anke shows you how to make a bold show-stopping bangle complete with graffiti-inspired letters featuring colourful canes that look like they were just tagged with a few cans of spray paint. Anke’s technique produces results that are amazingly life-like - and 100% legal!

Learn in this one day workshop how to make a bracelet with the colourful shape and flair of graffiti-style writing. It’s so much fun to make and the variations are limitless. You will learn lots of techniques including how to make:

  • your own graffiti letter stencils
  • a cane that imitates the look of spray paint
  • polymer clay graffiti letters and add them to your bracelet base
  • a colorful bracelet base to complement your design
  • additional graffiti elements with markers

Anke guides you through her design process and encourages you to pursue your own style providing many tips and ideas throughout.


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Anke Humpert

Anke Humpert is a true mixed media artist, some have even described her as a Renaissance person! Since early childhood, …

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Extra activities

Hear me roar! contest 22 participants

Only for students in the 4th edition of Polimeralia, the creations must be inspired by the tagline Hear me roar! and they must be made, on its major parts, with polymer clay.

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