This year Polimeralia is dressed in textures. The two projects we are going to work on have in common a strong presence of this element of design. Whether they are tactile or visual textures, we are going to get into them.

Texture is a very important element of design. With them, we give our pieces a glance, a feeling or a surface. Its use allows us to generate visual interest or give an organic life to our piece or create three-dimensional layers. In short, it gives us the possibility to create a powerful object.

This summer at Polimeralia, you will have two different styles with a common line.

The workshops

In this workshop we will dive into the exploration of different textures that we will use to create four pieces of geometric and minimalist character. The assembly of this piece will allow us to change the position of each of the elements to create a new necklace every time we want.

The inspiration for this piece comes from the need to reorganize the workshop. After spending hours at Pinterest looking for ideas to redecorate and reorganize the workshop, an interesting concept appeared: modular shelves that allow the space to be configured in a thousand possible ways.

The almost obsession of the last few months, consisting of exploring the world of textures, did the rest.


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Ana Belchí

I eat alphabetical alphabet soup. I teach how to work the polymer clay and resin. I make stuff and I …

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In this project, the connecting elements will no longer be mere links, but will take on a leading role, providing mobility, continuity and coherence, as if they were the notes of a melody played by a musician.

And in this unleashed melody, harmony will emerge from the play of visual textures, from the balance of proportions in the monotonal gradient scales and the polishing of details. A work at first sight simple but that will demand of the sensibility, attention and precision of that interpreter that we carry inside.


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Noelia Contreras Martín

Noelia Contreras has been immersed in the world of polymer clay for more than ten years. Time in which she …

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